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“Mazaga” Company was founded more than one century ago, in 1880.


That year Carmelo Grech Mazaga inaugurated a shop of fresh fruit & vegetables in the centre of Valletta, in Zachary Street. Since then, the name of Mazaga has been a synonym of quality and freshness.


In 1955 Carmelo’s grandson that took his name, Carmelo Grech Mazaga, opened another shop in Birkirkara and in 1978 he began to sell as a wholesaler .


The business received a further boost with the help of Carmelo’s son, Noel Grech, who has been collaborating with his father since 1990. Noel Grech has enlarged the company in the last decade by importing and exporting not only fresh fruit and vegetables, but also dried fruit, fresh salads and juices from all over the world. Thus “Mazaga” Company always keeps its clients and consumers satisfied with the world's d best branded products.

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