We take pride in providing our clients with quality above all else

We take pride in all the brands that we carry. We have a vast amount of brands that we have built a good relationship with. We made sure that all of these brands bring quality to the table as that is something that we always aim for. We import from brands such as Prima Noce, Opera, Ready to eat, Ecco, Pink Lady, Diamante, Adamo, Melinda and Bollo. If you want to make sure that you provide the best for your family, Mazaga is the way to go. The Melinda brand provides us with little delicious snacks for children to love but also for adults to appreciate. These products all have apples as their main ingredient and thus are delicious while containing all the nutritional value that apples boast of.

The brand Bollo provides us with succulent and juicy fruits and vegetables that are full of nutrients perfect for every recipe or even to just munch on, on their own. From watermelons to oranges, tangerines, and lemons, cantaloupes and sweet refreshing summer fruit, we have it all.

A selection of brands for you to choose from, a wide array of fruits and vegetables to leave mouths watering.